Monday, July 16, 2012

Memory Lane


So at the end of last week I found myself talking a nostalgic walk down memory lane. I happened to drive past one of the first houses I lived in when I moved out west for a job, over 10 years ago now. I don't often end up in that part of town but when I do I make sure I check out my old haunts. I was horrified to discover that the house, which holds such fond memories of the single, carefree life I lived was now a 'Massage Clinic'. I know it has changed owners several times but was not expecting that. I called my old flatmate who I lived in the house with and we had a good laugh about what type of massage clinic it was, and whether or not if you went for a massage it would have a 'happy ending'. We had a little catch up and I remembered all the good times we'd had living together.

Then Saturday night we went back to town for my Muddy Brother-in-law's 30th Birthday, it was held at what used to be one of my favourite restaurants when I lived in town. I found myself remembering birthdays, farewells and dinners I've had there and again got a little nostalgic.

I find that this often happens, I go for long periods without thinking about how I got to be where I am, and then through circumstances end up with several things that take me on a walk down memory lane. Sometimes I really love that jog of the memory that 'Oh so this is how I ended up where I am', then there's the memories that bring out the cringe factor 'did I really do that, what was I thinking' and trust me, there are lots of cringes!

The best bit about a walk down memory lane is knowing that no matter how I got to where I am, the most important thing is where I am now and that I'm happy. That there are no regrets. These walks down memory lane really got me thinking about memories and what you hold onto and what you let go of. One of my favourite movies is 'The Notebook' and it makes me cry every time, because she doesn't remember the love of her life, only in those rare lucid moments, I am scared that at some point I won't be able to do these walks down memory lane. For now though I am enjoying them.

Do you take walks down memory lane often, or do they catch you by surprise like they do me?
Do you like them, or cringe at them? Or are you one of those people that never look back?
Did your old house end up as a Massage Clinic too?


  1. First Comfortably Numb cafe turns out to be a drug den, now that house is a massage centre.
    I don't even want to think *what* is next!

  2. I love The Notebook, such a truly romantic movie.
    I am forever walking down memory lane Nat, I feel fortunate to have so many wonderful memories to look back on, it's what life is all about. There should never be any regrets, it's all a part of history. Though I do find it hard to take when places close to my heart are changed or worse still pulled down. I still struggle to drive down my Nana & Papa's street, a giant brick monstrosity sitting on the land where their house once was.

  3. I think you view of these things making us who we are is spot on. I look back at photos of Husband and I as young people and think, oh god, what were we thinking?! But all of those moments add up to who we are now - happy, married, parents.


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