Monday, July 9, 2012

Shearing Up North

At the start of last week we went shearing up North on our lease block, I took quite a few photos, here's a few to see how our two days went. Shearing starts early in the morning, the first run starts at 7:30, most shearers get to the shed about 7. The day is broken up into 4 runs 7:30 - 9:30, 30 mins morning tea, 10-12 then 1hr lunch, 1-3 then 30 mins afternoon tea, then the last run is 3:30-5. The shearers we had were each shearing between 130 - 210 sheep a day.
We got the sheep in Sunday afternoon and put some in the shed and under the shed

The Muddy Puzzler and Muddy Organiser oversaw the whole process

The sheep need to be sheded to keep them dry

We had 4 shearers, in a day and a half they shore just over 1100 sheep

Muddy Hubby Classes our wool, he likes to tell the girls what he's doing

My Muddy Puzzler likes to check it all out

At the end of a run the sheep are counted out of each shearer's pen, the shearers are paid per sheep

All the wool has to be baled up and bought home on the truck, Muddy Puzzler tries to help, the bales weigh about 190kg each

Muddy Hubby drives the truck home with all the wool bales and other shearing gear
We've started shearing back at home, we only have 3 shearers going here, but they're powering through the sheep. It's supposed to rain tomorrow which means we'll knock off when we run out of dry sheep, as the shearers won't shear them if they're wet.


  1. What a fantastic experience for the kids.
    Love your pics - Magoo will too.
    :-) x

  2. WOW! It looks like such hard work Nat and it seems like it's all in too! Even down to the kids helping out. They must be learning so so much, little experts they'll be in no time.
    Great photos. So glad to hear you're on track and only have a few more days left xoxo

  3. Isn't farming the best entertainment ever?? My children could watch shearers all day, it's fascinating, love Posie


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