Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Bus

Time and Time again I am reminded that time passes quickly and before you know it your kids are growing up and doing things you thought were so far away. This morning my Muddy Pixie took the big step of catching the bus to Preschool. We have been talking about the possibility for a while and each time she's seem pretty keen, so with the start of a new term we decided to give it a go.
The Muddy Pixie was practically giddy with excitement, she bolted out the door this morning (unheard of for her who is always the straggler) back pack and all, bounced out of the car when we got to the bus stop and then held tightly onto my hand while we waited for the bus to arrive. Then the time came and up she went onto the bus and off to preschool. Simple as that.

I have been an anxious Mum and rang preschool to check she arrived safe and sound (she did), I was reassured that all the staff did the big 'Oh wow you caught the bus, how exciting, what a big girl thing to do' with lots of positive praise and high-fives (again I am so lucky to have such a great preschool and staff). So from now on this will be how it is, two big girls catching the bus to school and preschool and home again, 'except on special ocassions' as my Muddy Organiser says.


  1. Oh how adorable! They look so excited.

    Scary that they're growing up so fast!

  2. That bus driver doesn't know what he's in for!

  3. Oh they grow up so quickly don't they? She does look so excited and thrilled though. xx

  4. Awww.
    Gorgeous - it really does go too fast.

  5. Big steps for a little girl. I would have done exactly the same - phoned the school that is. Why is it as Mothers we have a natural ability to worry when each child takes another big leap in growing up and does something that is independent of us?

  6. She is such a treasure Nat. So independent and strong. I love your Muddy Pixie. Bittersweet moment I'm sure xoxo


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