Monday, February 27, 2012

He's taken over!

At the moment my house is in chaos, there's furniture spread out everywhere waiting to be put back or find a new home. Wet carpet that's dried hard and smelly, wet paper that has dried wrinkly. A rogue mouse that I'm trying to catch, but which has left a lovey smell to tell me where it is. I've reached sensory overload, too many smells, too much stuff everywhere that I can't think straight when I look at it all.

Normally when I reach sensory overload I take some time out cruising my favourite blogs and catching up on my Word With Friends games. It calms me, gives me a chance to refocus before getting started again.

With no laptop I'm relying on the iPad, but unfortunately so is Muddy Hubby! He's addicted. He says he's checking weather, but really, I'm sure he's playing Bejeweled! Who would have thought my Muddy Hubby would end up addicted to my iPad! Each night he seeks out my iPad before I've even stopped all the jobs. He settles in on the lounge and maintains possession of the iPad until lights out.

I'm actually excited that he's come so far since I first met him that he's comfortable with technology. The downside though is that I miss out on my favourite blogs! The days are so busy at the moment I can't catch up. At night I can't reclaim the iPad until Muddy Hubby goes to bed, and my eyes are already drooping. I miss my iPad and I miss my downtime with my favourite bloggers!

Maybe soon things will settle down and my senses will return to normal. For now I'm trying to find new ways to manage my sensory overload, exercise is helping a little. I'm thinking I may have to take up knitting or crocheting, but pretty sure that would just increase my stress, so I'm still searching for ideas, something to distract my over active brain, give me a chance to refocus, recharge and relax!

Has your partner taken over something that's yours? How did you reclaim it?
How do you manage sensory overload?


  1. There is only one solution... a new ipad for hubby! xo

  2. I second that Mama - get him his own iPad. It's the only way you'll ever see yours again...

  3. My son took over my MacBook when I first got it, I couldn't get him off it! And then Santa brought him his very own iPad. Maybe Muddy Hubby is due a wee gift of um, let's see, AN IPAD?? ;)

  4. I love a bit of bejeweled myself! Whenever I feel like that I go somewhere peaceful. The beach, my mum's place, or if I can't escape, the pantry!


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