Sunday, February 5, 2012

First This, Then That......

This week has passed in a kind of surreal haze. I seem to have been on a physical and emotional rollercoaster trying to keep up with it all and I have no doubt that when my head hits the pillow tonight it will be lights out for a solid sleep. I know that when you have 'firsts' it's always a big thing, but somehow this week has been action packed with them. We have ridden this roller coaster of firsts as a family, revelling in the little things and being able to share them together as a family.

This week has made me realize just how lucky we are, tired but lucky! I will post more details, especially on Bootcamp, later, but for now here's some snapshots of our week.

Muddy Pixie started Preschool on Muddy Preschooler's first sports day!

Walking into preschool for the first time!

Muddy Hubby and Muddy Preschooler shared a birthday, half a cake each.

Muddy Preschooler had her first girly sleepover with her best friend!

Muddy Preschooler won pass the parcel at a friend's birthday party

My first Bootcamp! I spent the whole time being cranky at myself for letting myself get this unfit!
Muddy Preschooler celebrated her fifth birthday with her first 'friends' (not my friends) birthday party
I made Rainbow Cake for the first time!

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  1. Congratulations on your week of firsts!! Congratulations on the cake too! It looks super good!


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