Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Down Memory Lane

When I turned 25 I decided that I was now a grown up and as such it was time for me to buy a house. I do these things sometimes, get a big idea in my head and it's really hard to change my mind. I rang my mum and dad and told them of my big idea. They were pretty supportive, given it came out of the blue and I think they were secretly hoping I'd move back to Sydney at some point. But I ploughed ahead and within a few months was the proud owner of my own beautiful little 3 bedroom house. I loved this house, it was very central, I could walk everywhere, including home from the pub, it was mine (and the bank's). I was living on my OWN for the very first time, with visits from Muddy Hubby, and life was great.

Then as life is want to do, things changed, I got married to Muddy Hubby, moved to the farm, had 4 babies in 4 and a half years and my little house continued on without me. Yes it had tenants in it, but none could love it as much as I did.

Due to some much needed bathroom renovations, I got to go back to my beloved house today (with Muddy Hubby and 3 of my Muddy Kids in tow). The second I walked in I remembered just why I love it so much (other than the fact it will always be remembered as where Muddy Hubby proposed). Don't get me wrong I absolutely adore living on the farm and only miss the close proximity to town, but for me that house was my independence. My first BIG thing for just me (and the bank of course).

As the house is currently unloved I took a bag of toys to entertain the Muddy Kids while I met with the builder and the real estate agent. I could tell they loved the house as much as me, they were exploring all the rooms and the yard. Houses in town with fences are a bit of a novelty for my Muddy Kids!

I'm looking forward to spending a bit more time in my beloved house, as we do some work on the bathroom. I'm looking forward to a new bathroom, to be able to make my mark on the house like the owners before me. I know that it's a LONG LONG time before we spend any money on farm houses, so I am secretly looking forward to picking basins and taps and tiles! Is that crazy or what!?!

Muddy Bubby kicking back on the floor

Muddy Pixie practicing writing like her big sister

My Muddy Puzzler running wild!

No cot or bed, hard life having to sleep on the floor!

After a few hours of waiting for the builder the house is strewn with toys!
Do you have a house that you love? One that's special to you?
Do you like renovating? Any tips for me?


  1. Awww look at Muddy Bubby, he is SO cute... and SO big! By the fourth child, there is clearly no concern about such comforts as a cot or bouncer ;o)
    All the muddy kids look gorgeous... but don't tell Muddy Preschooler that you were all having a party there :o/

  2. What a wonderful way to meld your memories and your Muddy fam.
    We've just finished renovating our ensuite.
    I can probably most valuably offer a cautionary tale...

  3. Yes I have the very same feeling over our home. I looked at heaps of houses and when I walked into our humble little home I just knew we were meant to be. We had to strip the ceiling and repaint every wall, reno the back and front yards (they were black sand and some neglected plants) yet I just knew it was the one I wanted. We've been here for 4 years and although we'll outgrow it soon (it's tiny!) it just feels like home. :)

    Enjoy your renovating Nat. :)


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