Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Freak Storm

Monday afternoon the weather turned wild, it was sunny and steamy one minute and the next a massive storm blew threw, wild winds, torrential rain, lots of thunder and lightning that would probably send an Epileptic into a seizure. Caught up in it all was my office.

The roof couldn't cope with such a massive downpour, so chose to spill the water into my ceiling, directly over my office and land smack bang on my desk. If it had my computer as a target it was spot on!

This is what the Wireless Keyboard resembled, however it wasn't waterproof like this one:


My laptop, and all it's plug in bits, is currently at the Computer Doctor to see what can be saved. My Lovely SLR Camera which I have only just learned to use properly is at the Camera Doctor to see if it can be saved, I had been uploading photos right before the storm.

Me, I feel a little lost. I never realised just how much I rely on the computer! I do all our business accounts, correspondence, everything on the computer. Not only that but I spend LOTS of time cruising blogs and updating myself on the world's happenings.

I am Thankful for my iPad to keep me in touch with the world and my favourite blogs, I'm also excited to have discovered some new Apps to help me with the banking and business stuff! There is always a bright side! I haven't yet worked out how to blog from my iPad, using photos etc (any tips welcome), but at least I don't feel fully cut off from the world.

At the end of the day though I haven't freaked out, I haven't screamed or cried (OK I did when I first saw the rain pouring in, but not after that). The world of blogging has shown me that there are some amazing people out there going through some pretty tough things, and sharing them with the world wide web. So at the end of the day I can repair or replace my computer and camera, they're so minor in the scheme of things. Family and Friendship and Good Health are the most important things. It could have been worse, the whole ceiling could have come down on My Muddy Puzzler who was sleeping in the room next door. We're all safe and sound and together. Thank You to the amazing bloggers out there for widening my world, and helping me not freak out.

Have you been through a Freak Storm? What damage was done at your house? If you had to rescue one thing in your house (other than your family) what would it be?


  1. I'm sorry to hear your computer and camera are out of commission. I am quite attached to mine and I can image how I'd feel if that happened to me :(

    A freak storm hit us about 12 months ago and our whole house was horrible, but everybody was safe. My big girl lives in fear of that day...still! but I keep reminding her that it's not stuff that's important..but that our family was OK!

  2. Wowsers, does insurance cover this kind of thing? How frightening. I dont know what I would rescue, perhaps photo albums, and the computer as that has all our memories on it now!x

  3. My goodness Nat, what a deluge! I can totally understand being lost without your computer and camera. It's amazing how integral these appliances become to our every day lives. They are like an extension of ourselves in some ways. Hope it's all fixed well and good asap xoxo


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