Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Here we go.......again

About four and a half years ago when my eldest daughter was born I set up a blog for her. It contained updates for family and friends on what we were doing and photos of us doing them along the way. Then, when number 2 daughter came along 15 months later, I kept the blog going, admittedly a little less frequently than I had with just 1 child, but still going none the less. Then 14 months later I had daughter number 3 and my blog posts got few and far between, until my last post which was on Number 3's 1st Birthday.

I've thought a lot about why it kind of dwindled out (ignoring the fact that I had 3 kids, was working part-time and was very busy!). What I came up with, was that it's hard to keep a blog going when all you're writing about is your kids. AND that's all I was writing about, the mundane things such as needles and playdates and first steps, which are special, but not really newsworthy for everyone else. Now, I know that this is why I set the blog up initially, but really you get a bit sick of just thinking about your kids, well I know I do! Not only that but trying to think up things just about the kids to write about.

So, after much thought, mainly in the middle of the night when I'm feeding Baby number 4, I have decided to start blogging again, but blogging with a difference for me. It's not going to be a blog solely about my beautiful 4 children and wonderful husband, yes they will of course feature at times, because I can't exactly ignore the fact that I have a hubby and 4 kids and spend most of my time with them, but I want to write about things that interest me. Things that make me think or frustrate me or make me laugh, as well as my precious family.

I'm happy for people to follow my blogging journey as I put voice to my middle of the night thoughts, but again I'm blogging for me, to express my thoughts and opinions. This is something just for me a Muddy Farmwife. If it works and I can manage to keep blogging on a regular basis then I consider it an achievement, especially now I have 4 children. If it doesn't work I figure I've lost nothing by giving it a go!
My Muddy Hubby considers himself a bit of a photographer, there's not many photos of me.

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