Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Rogue Sheep

Living where we live we run Sheep, quite a few sheep. I have soon learned as a farming Mum that they are the best thing for us to run, do you know why? Because we can take the girls and 9 out of 10 times the eldest Muddy girls will fall asleep. They have both long since given up their day nap, as much as number 2 still needs it, so rather than battle with them inside the house, on a weekend we go and do sheep work, either shifting the sheep, or checking the sheep or checking the sheep have water, all sheep related tasks can provide Muddy Hubby and I with some respite from 3 chatty voices.

Of course to expect that all 3 Muddy Girls and Bub would sleep at the same time is ridiculous, so there is always one awake taking it all in. Yesterday it was Muddy Girl 3 who was wide awake (she'd had her nap before we left). Hanging out the window, banging on the door to help get the sheep moving, making barking like noises along with the dogs.....she was in heaven!!

Muddy Girl 3 hard at work
Yesterday we were granted some extra time in the ute thanks to some Rogue Sheep. These 3 cheeky lambs had been left behind in a paddock when we bought the rest in for lamb tailing, so yesterday we extended 1 and 2's rest time by shifting the Rogue Sheep, and they were rogues. Taking us this way and that way, doing everything they could to avoid being bought into the mob. While Muddy Hubby cursed and swung the ute from one side to the other I really couldn't complain, because we did it with only one chatty voice, 2 sleeping girls and 1 sleeping baby, which when you're used to 3 chatty girls and one screaming baby is pure bliss.

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