Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Rainy Morning

In our household it is rare for us all to be home and inside on a Saturday morning, generally Muddy Hubby is off working and has one, two or three of our Muddy girls in tow. This morning was one of those rare mornings, and it was all because it rained (8mm if you're interested). For Muddy Hubby who grew up on the farm a wet and rainy day meant one important thing.....his Muddy Mum would cook something special for morning tea (according to Muddy Hubby it was always scones, but I think he just says that because they're his favourite).

Often I'm not up for a morning of cooking, as it's hard to get all my  jobs done and also share the cooking amongst our 3 Muddy Girls. This morning though I was feeling in the mood for some cooking, so we dragged out our recipes and we made pikelets. Of course everyone has to take a turn in adding ingredients into the bowl, so we also take turns on who stands where on our kitchen step to be able to reach the bowl, it is an ongoing battle and balancing act. Also a bit challenging for me to try and remember whose turn it is before I hand over the precious ingredients! BUT make pikelets we did.

The precious step

Bubbling away
A big pile as the recipe was doubled at Muddy Hubby's request
Jam and Honey make them even more yummy!
It is these rare moments when every Muddy girl is happy and gets to take their turn that can make the difference between a nightmare of a rainy morning stuck inside or a delightful morning of Muddy Family time!

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