Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thankful for Thursdays

When my number 2 daughter was born my eldest was 15 and 1/2 months old and my world was turned even more upside down. I had only really just mastered looking after one child, let along looking after two, especially when number 2 was not a good sleeper at all. Every day and every night was a battle, at the same time as trying to give my eldest the attention that she needed herself, still in nappies, only just starting to put words together and very unsteady on her feet. Needless to say I felt very overwhelmed and felt that neither of my girls were getting the attention they deserved, but especially I was missing out on that beautiful and special one on one time that I had with Baby number 1. There was no respite, no break from the two together, other than Muddy Hubby taking number 1 for short periods of time.

So, when I fell pregnant with baby number 3 I was very worried about how I would have any time for the new baby with two little ones under my feet. I was back working a few days a week in the lead up to number 3's birth and my two girls were in day care. I sat Muddy Hubby down and explained that it was all just too much, so we agreed to leave the two girls in day care one day a week, once I went on maternity leave. Man, was it the best move we ever made!!!

In the week and a half of maternity leave I had before the baby was born I slept and I nested and I enjoyed the precious ME time. Then once daughter number 3 was on the ground I loved it even more! My eldest 2 girls got time out of the house, time with their friends and time without a tired grumpy Mum. Baby Number 3 and I got bonding time, time to just sit and get to know each other, as well as time for me to sneak in a nap once a week.

And so, on the birth of baby number 4, I am very thankful for Thursdays, for they are my Daycare Day! The 3 girls know 'Thursday is Daycare Day' their day together to play with friends and different toys and be away from the house. It's my day with baby to get to know him and race around and get my jobs done, before trying to sneak in a quick nap before it's time to pick up my beautiful girls. It may not be politically correct to put your kids in Daycare to have a day to yourself, but you know what, it works for me and my family and I'm sticking to it! Without it, I know my house would be a messier house, my bookwork a great big mess and my brain would just be scrambled.

So for Thursdays I am very thankful, for a wide range of reasons, but most of all at the end of a Thursday I am thankful for when my girls come home and our family is together again, and we're all a little happier and very content after a lovely day apart.


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