Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Volunteer Thing

When my Muddy Organiser started Preschool I was so excited, I put my hand up whenever I could to help, including joining the committee. I have really enjoyed being a part of the Committee, helping to shape the direction the preschool is heading and helping to nurture our young and enthusiastic new Director. I have continued to put my hand up as my Muddy Pixie started this year and will keep it going through the Muddy Puzzler and Muddy Bubby. I can't help it, I am a 'Helper' by nature, when someone needs a hand I am keen to say Yes.

Then when my My Muddy Organiser started school this year I was equally excited and again put my hand up to help, Canteen Duty, Grandparents Day, Liturgy Morning Teas, Special Kinder Lunches, if work and the other 3 Muddy Kids allowed I was happy to help.

What has become obvious though, as the years go on, is that despite there being over 50 families at preschool and 125 families at the school, it is generally the same people volunteering. The same families lending a hand at working bees, or special events. The same Mums baking and working on stalls. I am constantly amazed by this.

Maybe it's my Helper gene that can't understand why people don't want to help as much as I do. I can empathise with busy families or single parent families, but I have also seen single parents and extra busy families not hestitate to put their hand up too. So why is it that it's the same people always helping?

Is it that they possess the helper gene too? Do others not even realise the amount of work it takes to run events or keep the school canteen going? Is it just me or is it the same everywhere? Is it a core group of families that continue to volunteer in your schools and preschools too? Am I being too harsh, should it just remain those core of volunteers and too many helpers would mean 'too many cooks in the kitchen'? Or is it just one of those things to which there is no answer and I will be forever wondering?


  1. We have the same in our community. But it is really obvious because we only have about 13 families in our school. So you know who you can rely on and who you cant. We try to encourage the others but some just aren't willing and feel they don't have to. What's worse its mostly the ones that have a lot that help the least.

  2. I think it's pretty much the same anywhere. Unfortunately those great volunteer people tend to become a little burnt out because they are relied on a little too much when noone else puts up their hand. I recommend you pace yourself too, so that you will still be enthusiastic by the time your smallest one goes through school.

  3. I think it's the same everywhere Nat. You are particularly good at getting in and getting things done... you always amaze me with your energy and selflessness when it comes to helping people out. Our preschool doesn't often call for parent involvement, but when they do, I love doing my part. I can already tell that big school will be a different kettle of fish though and I am excited about getting involved and being part of a real school community xoxo


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