Friday, November 2, 2012

Grateful for a Harvest

Things in our neck of the woods have been pretty busy and are only getting busier. So this is a very brief post to express my gratitude at this wonderful time of the year.
I am extremely Grateful that we are at the moment actually getting a good harvest, free of rain and floods, free of water damaged crop.
I am Grateful for the joy and excitement it brings to my kids when they see the Header or hop on for a ride.
I am Grateful to be a part of something so exciting each year.
I am Grateful that (touch wood) we haven't had any major breakdowns so far.....
It's the simple things at this time of year that can bring such happiness.

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  1. What a fantastic sight to see all those newly harvested fields..and thank you for giving me an insight into all the work and timing that goes into growing all that grain for us to eat. Please thank the mister for all his hard work in supplying Aussie families with food as well!

  2. Hello MFW, I loved looking at your photos of the harvest. I was brought up in a very rural, agricultural part of Scotland and so am used to the annual combine harvesters. Fantastic. We used to gallop around int he stubbly fields. Thanks for sharing the rural life with this townie.

  3. What an awesome sight Nat! It looks so exciting! How awesome that the whole family is a part of it too xx

  4. So glad it is going smoothly for you all.
    It looks like a magnificent time of year there.
    :-) xx

  5. Well done on your harvest, what a great life you are giving your kids! Hope things continue to run smoothly for you. Also, love the photos!

  6. YAY! It looks and sounds as if it's all going swimmingly Nat, I am SO pleased for you guys. I know there have been some trying times in recent years, but looks like this year is going to be a goodin' :) xoxo

  7. I love seeing your kids enjoying their farm life, it's so far from my own city experience :)

  8. Love your pics Nat! How exciting for your kids, my "Popette" loves seeing tractors when we are driving out in the rural areas. I'm glad you got a harvest free of damage :)

  9. Love seeing this - thanks for sharing a little slice of your harvest time with us - wonderful (and great blessings you listed!) Deb @ home life simplified


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