Monday, November 12, 2012

Harvest Widow

It's that time of year again when Muddy Hubby heads off in his Road Train to strip our crop up North and I fly solo in the parenting department until he returns. It's not easy, we just take it each day at a time. Some days are easier than others, and some days just suck and I count the minutes until Muddy Hubby is at least returning close to home to strip the crop, and we get intermittent time with him when he comes home to shower, eat and nap.
It's still one of my favourite times of year despite the solo parenting caper, I think it's the machinery. The size, the noise, the power, I just love watching it all work together, this is what we work toward and wait for each year, and it only lasts a matter of weeks and it's over. We have done bits and pieces of our crop at home and now we work on the couple of thousand acres up north to try and get it done before more rain.
Every year I say the same thing though, I absolutely take my hat off to single parents and parents that solo parent for long periods of time while their hubbies are away with work. Me, I know he will return and I just run a tight ship with routine and discipline to make sure we make it through relatively unscathed, but for those that do it on a permanent or semi-permanent basis I remain in awe. They are made of stronger stuff than me I think. I am pleased that I am a Harvest Widow only once a year.


  1. Beautiful pics.
    Yes, solo parenting tests me - and I often marvel at those who do it full time.
    Happy harvesting to you all.
    :-) xx

  2. Beautiful photos Nat. What an exciting time of year for you all. I think of you often Nat and especially when you're solo parenting like you are now. Oh. my. goodness. it is hard... and you have double the trouble I do! Good luck with the next few weeks, hope it all goes according to plan xoxo

  3. Hope all your harvest is done before the rain. We started with rain! I am lucky that hubby works long hours but least its down the road so we can visit or he can take one of the kids. It's such a busy time of year anyway, then we add Harvest to the mix. We love it!

  4. It is hard without a partner around with little kids. I've found that you get your own rythm of doing things and have a bit of a different routine than normal, but it's ok and there are things that are quite cool about having that time to yourself as well. I liked the way we could have an informal dinner without him..something really easy without meat every night!


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