Friday, November 9, 2012

The Day the Bus got Bogged

Last week our shire council decided that they would 'fix' the curb of the road where my Muddy Kids get on the bus for school and preschool. Long story short they fixed the curb but wrecked the rest of the bus stop where the bus pulls off the highway. It's been a dust bowl and each morning I have watched the tyres start to spin before they grab hold and the bus pulls away. Wednesday night we had 8mm of rain, bot a lot, just enough to wet things lightly. I checked with Muddy Hubby before we left 'Will the bus be right' 'sure no problem, the rain would have done it good, helped seal it, give it traction'. Famous last words.
The Bus got bogged, it reversed to try and get out, it got more bogged. I have never been so Grateful for rain during Harvest, as it meant Muddy Hubby was working at home around the shed and could come and pull the bus out. Yes if it hadn't rained it probably wouldn't have got bogged, but it did, so I am Grateful for my Muddy Hubby and his chains that pulled the bus full of kids out of the bog.
I am also in some respects Grateful the bus got bogged as it might actually mean the council might do something to fix it up a little bit and stop it getting bogged again!
Yes it means that at the moment I have to drive my Muddy Kids an extra 10km to the next bus stop, but today they had fun doing it and looking at the gorgeous fog that was around.

From Sunny Monday Morning

To the Bogged Bus on Thursday morning


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  1. The silver lining! :)

    Would have been a bit of an adventure for the Muddy Kids too!

  2. Haha! Muddy hubby to the rescue, well done... and very lucky by the looks of things. What an adventure for the girls. Love the pics, what a crew they look in that last photo :) xoxo

  3. Hi - have always enjoyed reading your blog. Please check out my latest post as I am passing on the LIEBSTER AWARD to you. Thank you for all of the enjoyable posts.

  4. Oh that is a classic! That photo of your bunch is so so gorgeous! Cheers, Mez (via Maxabella)


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