Monday, August 13, 2012

The Canola's Flowering!

You always know the year is moving along quickly when the Canola is out in flower. The first flowers shoot up and appear during shearing and within a couple of weeks the paddocks are a blanket of yellow. It was such a lovely sight to come home to after my weekend away.

Muddy Hubby took the kids down to check it out while I stayed and unpacked the car and got dinner started. The kids always have a lovely time playing in the crops, and my Muddy Organiser in particular likes to show off with silly faces and dance moves. Some of my favourite shots of the Muddy Family are taken in our crops, they make such a great backdrop.

Whenever we have Canola the 'Bee Man' comes and puts out his 'Bee Boxes' with hives of bees to make honey from the Canola Flowers. He places the boxes near the crop in a place where he's sure he won't get bogged, they have to also be near a water source, as they need water to drink and help with the honey production. In return we get a box of lovely honey to enjoy for several months after. It's also a good sign that things are starting to warm up and winter is not far from over, Hooray!

The Bee Boxes in the Distance


  1. Oh that yellow is so bright & wonderful, what a way to break out of Winter!! Love Posie

  2. How absolutely glorious!
    Stunning colour.
    :-) x

  3. The canola looks so lovely and the thought of warmer weather is even lovelier xx

  4. Great shots Nat, the bright golden colour against the brilliant blue sky is certainly a sight to behold. Just lovely! That is so cool about the bee man, the Muddy kids must love that!? And how awesome for them to fully appreciate where honey comes from too. Yummo! xoxo

  5. I use to love driving past the golden paddocks when I went to boarding school in the country. It always ment that it was school holiday time - that was back in the olden days when there was only 3 terms.

  6. love the bright canola flowers, they do make you think of warmer weather to come.


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