Friday, August 24, 2012

Grateful for Organisation

Muddy Bubby turned One this week and to be honest it was a little subdued, I didn't make him a cake, we used the leftovers from a cake I had for a meeting (he still hooked into it and there wasn't much left).

I had a mild panic attack on Wednesday when I realised I had no presents for him. Then I stopped and breathed and had a light bulb moment 'I bought his presents months ago and hid them' HOORAY! He had a lovely Tonka Bulldozer to unwrap and a beautiful book and Care Flight Bear, all sorted.

So this week I am grateful for organisation and forward planning. Without Organisation and Forward Planning things would be a lot worse in our household! My house may be a shambles, my floors may not be clean and the toy room looks like a bomb's gone off, but I can still be organised. I make lists and try to stick to them, and I am always packing and repacking days before we go anywhere, which drives Muddy Hubby insane, but keeps my sanity intact. It's the little organisation beforehand that helps reduce my stress levels when we go anywhere which makes for a happier Muddy Family. It also means my Muddy Bubby actually had a present to unwrap on his birthday.

I still plan on making him a cake of his own, with a family lunch this weekend, to appease for my mother guilt in almost letting his birthday slip by unnoticed, but for now he is a very happy One Year Old pushing his Bulldozer around.

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  1. Looks like he loved the 'cake'!

  2. Absolutely.
    Let them laugh (well, my Hubby & friends do!!) but us organised types have a place too!!
    AND we can come through with the goods.
    Great job, Mum!
    :-) xx

  3. Great pre-planning
    And what an awesome Tonka truck

  4. Oh bless his little cotton socks, beautiful boy. I LOVE that first pic Nat. And pleeeeease don't be so hard on yourself. Four little ones, working and a farm to run... you're doing a superb job! Muddy Bubby looks more than satisfied with all that attention, lovely cake and ripper bulldozer xoxo

  5. Just precious, Nat. The fellow organiser in me applauds you. And I second what Jules just said! J x

  6. Happy 1st Birthday Muddy Bubby!! The Tonka Bulldozer looks like a winner! I hope he had a great day!

  7. Excellent prezzie for a one year old boy! It's so natural to be slacker with our littler kids, I've made peace with that, just the way life has to be, but so glad that a present was stashed!

  8. He is enjoying that cake. Nothing like tonka toys , my boys loved them.

  9. I'm a big preplanner too! It works! Happy birthday to your little one! xx


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