Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Overthinking with Cake

So I've been traveling along pretty well, almost in denial I think that the return to work is looming, blithely I have planned a birthday morning tea for my Muddy Puzzler, have made countless phone calls asking people to donate prizes for our Preschool Trivia Night, followed up leads on ducks for the Muddy Puzzler and rearranged the way our household works to accommodate going back to work. Suddenly though it's the day before and I haven't even ironed any work clothes!

I did think I was doing pretty well, then about a week ago I started waking up in the middle of the night and tossing and turning for hours and hours, until I can finally get out of bed and start the day without waking the entire house. I put it down to everything except work, then Muddy Hubby declares 'it's because you're going back to work you know'. Of course he's right, I get like this each time before I start back, that nervousness of 'will I remember how everything works, what is the latest research on evidence based practice to make sure what I'm doing is right, will I have a desk to sit at and will I have a phone, what has changed since I've been on leave (12 months is a long time), how many e mails will be there waiting and what will they expect on the first day?' All of this worry and anxiousness, and chances are I'll walk in and not much has changed, but it still doesn't stop the torrent of thoughts. Does this just happen to me or is it a common thing this over thinking and over analysing and worrying????

So tomorrow I head back into it all, and I'm hoping that once the first day is over I'll be back to sleeping again at night! For today though I've distracted myself with the Muddy Puzzler's Birthday Morning Tea. I baked up her requested cake, I invited friends over to exhaust them and now I have laid them all down for a rest in the hopes they will sleep and I can run around like a mad person making sure my house is in order to return to work! Because of course it makes all the difference in the world to my work day knowing my house is clean and tidy!


  1. Goodluck with work. I'm very much the same, and I'm sure that 12 months isn't too long to be away. just go easy on your self and make sure to give yourself a few weeks to get on top of the routine of working again.

    Fabulous cake I bet she loved it!

  2. So cute - and what a gorgeous cake.
    Best of luck tomorrow - I hope it all goes as smoothly as possible for you all.
    Enjoy locking that toilet door too!!
    :-) xx

  3. i love love love the cake, it looks yummy. i hope you have a great day tomorrow. i still get the anxious tummy and sleepless nights, and that's without any plans to return to work soon! :)

  4. No exactly how you feel about returning to work. I even feel it when I have been away hols. Silly isn't it. Once back though, it doesn't feel like you ever left.
    Great cake.

  5. Cute cake and cuter Muddy Puzzler...happy birthday little one. Best of luck going back to work...big thing to do xx

  6. Oh bummer, I missed the birthday... I actually thought it wasn't for another couple of days! Sorry :( Happy Birthday little lady! Big hugs and kisses from all of us here. The cake looks incredible Nat, you're a marvel.
    And whatta week for you! Good luck with work tomorrow, you'll do absolutely fine... juggling the drops offs and pickups will probably be more challenging than anything else anyway. I can't believe that year has just gone!


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