Monday, August 20, 2012

The Bus Swing

Next to one of the old cottages on our farm there is an old fashioned swing. I LOVE this swing. Every single one of the Muddy Kids fits on it at the same time. There are no fights over whose turn on the swing it is, just where everyone sits and who holds Muddy Bubby.

The Muddy Kids call it the Bus Swing, they pretend to get on the bus and take turns being the driver. They sing 'The Wheels on the Bus' and stop at different places to see things or go to school or preschool. There is peace amongst them, the bickering ceases and the squabbling is gone while on this swing.

Maybe I should call it the magic swing? It is the bickering and squabbling over little things that I think wears me down more than anything. From the 'she hit me' to 'it's mine, they took it', to 'she's hurting my ears' to 'Muddy Bubby wrecked our game', it's this that eats away at my patience until I can stand it no more.

While on this swing there is happiness in all our faces and hearts, if only they could spend maybe half a day on the swing we'd all be a bit happier! Is it just me or do all kids squabble and bicker? If your kids don't PLEASE tell me how to help stop mine, otherwise my kids will spend way too much time on this swing.


  1. It is like you have just spent the morning at my house with all the bickering that is going on. It is the fighting that happens all the time that wears me down the most. EVERY time we get in the car there is a screaming match over who is getting in the car first (and we get into that car at least three times a day). Even seating arrangements at dinner seems to cause a problem every night even though we have set seats. One of the ways I try and counteract whinging and fighting in our house is to have family projects where each member of the family gets a sticker when a particular behaviour is observed. I was just sitting down at the computer to generate a "happy talking" project where the kids (and Mum and Dad) will be rewarded for using nice words and a happy voice with each other. Here's hoping it works, because we don't have access to a swing like the awesome one your children love!

  2. Nope! You KNOW that mine do exactly the same Nat and it totally does my head in, to the point where I think I might go insane.
    But that swing is delightful, reminds me of my childhood for some reason and the shots of the Muddy Kids are just precious xoxo

  3. I had a swing just like this as a kid and all the neighbour kids and myself fitted on perfectly - thanks for bringing back the happy memory. You have made me smile.

  4. Your post inspired me and had me spending hours tracking down a picture of my "Bus Swing". Glad to say I found one.


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