Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Constructing a Truck Cake for Muddy Bubby

I mentioned on Friday I was going to make a proper birthday cake for Muddy Bubby to appease my mother guilt. I had ummed and ahhed about just what to make. The wonderful Jo at Country Life Experiment and her talented Country Boy had made their two year old a fantastic truck cake for his birthday. So using this as my starting point I made a truck based around our truck (see photo below).
It was really pretty simple to construct, because I made two trailers I needed 4 loaf cakes. I made a butter cake and froze them, so they were easier to cut to shape. Then I crumb iced it, before putting on the final coat of icing and the decorations, including two trailers with jellybeans.
Overall I was pretty happy with it, and I think Muddy Bubby and Muddy Hubby were too! The hardest part was definitely the gel icing for writing and drawing. No matter how hard I try I just can't get it to come out without blobs in it!



  1. that is so very cute! i never knew about crumb icing- will have to file that tidbit away for the next birthday cake effort ;)

  2. What a cute cake. Looks like it was enjoyed :)

  3. Great cake! My son would love one like that!

  4. Absolutely fabulous Nat! What a superb job you did of that truck cake. Muddy bubby looks pretty stoked with his loot too! Well done Mama xoxo


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