Monday, May 14, 2012

Sowing Love

There's something about Sowing Time, the promise of possibilities, the team work to get it sown, the machinery and the way it needs to all work together, with just the right amount of rain, not too much, not too little. As much as it frustrates me I love it.

When my Muddy Brother-in-law stopped to shift paddocks and fill up the other day I snapped a quick couple of shots on the phone. I really do love this time of year. Once it's over in a couple of weeks we will hope for rain and watch the seeds shoot and grow. Then we can focus on Shearing and after that work towards Harvest, the never ending cycle for our farming life.

Muddy Hubby and Muddy Brother-in-law making a plan (not sure how they hear each other over the sound of the augers).
The Air Seeder all folded up, ready to move, while Muddy Hubby and Muddy Brother-in-law fill up the Seed Bins with Wheat and Fertiliser.

One Wing of the Air Seeder Upright for transport

The disc and tine, the disc makes the furrow in the paddock and the tine plants the seed behind it


  1. Did you take those with Instagram???

  2. Fab photos for phone jobbies, the iphone totally rocks!
    I can totally understand the attraction to the farming cycle, it's an incredible thing Nat, thanks for taking us there through your stories xoxo


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