Monday, May 28, 2012

Muddy Bikers

My Muddy Pixie was gifted with a beautiful new bike for her birthday, this meant a move up the chain for my Muddy Puzzler, from the 3 wheel trike to the littlest two wheeler (with training wheels). We've been out and about the house paddock practicing our peddling and getting better and better each day. My Muddy Organiser likes to make a race of it, in her funky gumboots she's like lightning streaking away from the others, practicing her turns as she comes and loops around us all, as we try to catch her.

As we all get better we're riding a bit more each day, a bit further, and a bit further. Our next challenge is the long driveway to the front gate and letterbox. Last time we tried I ended up pushing the Muddy Puzzler and the Muddy Pixie walked 3/4 of the way, bike abandoned at the first bend, while the Muddy Organiser's training wheels kept getting stuck on the rocks, it was a long slow ride. How quickly things change, and things like bike riding remind me that my babies aren't babies any more, they grow and change so quickly, so it's so important to capture these special times on camera, at the same time as being in amongst the fun.


  1. How wonderful it is that you have all that lovely space for the children to practice!! Beautiful photos and smiles!

  2. DEFINITELY important to capture these moments on film Nat, keep taking those beautiful photos.
    LOVE the gumboots and LOVE that she is wearing that dress... made me smile :)
    They ARE growing up so fast and it IS scary xoxo

  3. Aww so cute. Love how little girls start out so overly cautious! Loving all their boots.


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