Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May Mayhem - In a Shade of Green

I'm not sure what happens Nine months before May but in our family, whatever it is has resulted in 4 cousins all sharing May for their birthday. This means we've had a few weeks of presents, cake and birthday goodness, all culminating in a big joint birthday party on Saturday. The Dress code was 'A Touch of Green', and because I get carried away when there's a theme, there were green invites and whatever green lollies I could find at the shops, there were grapes and green balloons, green lolly bags and a treasure hunt for green turtles that were bubbles! The dessert was a green (peppermint) ice cream slice and my Muddy Sister-in-law did a stellar job with the Green Turtle Birthday Cake.

Everyone got into the spirit, including the Muddy Great Grandma who came out home for the celebrations, decked out in green attire. I never realised just how many clothes in green the Muddy Kids had until I went to get them dressed on Saturday morning, I even found stripey green socks for Muddy Bubby.

There's something special about the Muddy Kids and their 6 cousins (my Muddy Sister-in-laws have 3 each), they have a very special bond that never wavers, when they see each other each time it's like they've not been apart, there's not the Muddy Kids usual shyness or reluctance to leave my side, they're straight in the swing of things. We live about 2 hours away from each set of cousins and between the 10 cousins there is only 4 years and 9 months that separate them all from oldest to youngest. I'm not sure whether it's this closeness in age that has bonded them so firmly, or whether it's a feeling they get that these people will always have my back, will be by my side. Whatever it is, it is so lovely to see, and to watch them together. I do anticipate though, after watching their antics together on Saturday as thick as thieves, that they will certainly be getting into some mischief together as they get older!

Firm Friends, Muddy Bubby and his cousin, born 3 months apart.


  1. Sometimes I think getting all the birthdays over and done with at once is easier than spreading them out through the year, you kind of get on a roll. tiring though!!!x

  2. Gorgeous!
    Yep - those kids are going to have some fabulous cousin-caper going on!!
    :-) xx

  3. The bond between cousins is really special....I just love when my children get to play with their cousins! Oh, and I really like the green theme...what a great idea!

  4. Oh that is SO cool Nat... I would have LOVED being at that party! Wow, I didn't realise it was up to 10 cousins on the muddy side, amazing. So special having them all so close in age too. It is something I really feel like we've missed out on with our boys... their closest cousin in age is 3 years older than Angus, but the rest are virtually all grown up. I guess that is what happens when your siblings are all so much older.
    Gorgeous pics, that cake is da bomb. Well done indeed! xoxo


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