Saturday, May 26, 2012

Grateful For Sisters

I am an only child, my mum said 'a smart woman never forgets the pain of childbirth' and decided that one was enough for her. Mum said I only ever asked once for a brother or sister, other than that I was content. Happy to play with close family friends who were like sisters and then I have my BFF who is like my sister from another mother. I never wanted, I had good friends and a loving family.

Then I married into a large family (well large by my only child standards), Muddy Hubby has 2 sisters and 1 brother. Just before I got married my 2 sister-in-laws gifted me with a lovely photo frame with the heading 'Sisters' on it, they made it quite clear that they didn't wanted to be treated as 'sister-in-laws' they wanted to be 'sisters'. I have never forgotten and it has always been that way, we have talked and fought and cried and laughed together.

Last year my Muddy brother-in-law got married, he married the most wonderful girl and we enveloped her into our family fold as another 'sister' despite the fact that she already had two sisters of her own. This week I am so grateful for all of my sisters. I was in desperate need of a babysitter so I could go to Boot camp this week and one of my sisters stepped in. We're throwing a big party here today and surprisingly it has so far been stress free. We have divided up the tasks amongst ourselves, cake with one sister, lunch with another and venue, dessert and lolly bags with me. All sorted thanks to my wonderful sisters.

It is only in the last few years as my parents begin to age a little and I have had children of my own that I have had a real yearning for my own sister, someone to share the load with and confide in. My sister-in-laws have been so wonderful in stepping in to fill this void that I only get an occasional pang for a sister of my own blood. For now though I am very grateful for my BFF (sister from another mother) and my 'Sisters' and their helpfulness that gets me through a week with a little less stress and some time for boot camp.

My Hen's night when I look soooo young and was gifted with two 'Sisters'

October 2011 where we got an updated photo for my 'Sisters' frame.
Photo Courtesy Pink Bug Photography


  1. Oh how lovely - I have three sisters, and a couple of other honorary ones - they are so special aren't they? How great of your sister's in law to get you that special frame to let you know exactly how the felt about you.

  2. This is absolutely wonderful to read. You are truly blessed!

    deb @ home life simplified

  3. Oh Nat, that bought a tear to my eye. I get every word of that. I have four brothers, none that I'm extremely close to.
    I on the other hand dreamt my whole life of a sister and feel like it was the one loss in my life that I never had. if that makes sense. sisters seem to have a bond that no one else will ever understand.
    that said I have the best SIL in the world, she is most certainly the closested thing to a real sister I have.
    it's always lovely to be so welcomed into a family. you're a lucky girl.

  4. Goosebumps, what a darling family you have, Nat. I have 'blood' sisters myself and sisters are the most wonderful thing. x

  5. Beautiful!! As a mother of 3 girls then a boy, exactly like you, i watch them play, mix up couples & groups, wonder how they will all grow up. My husband ONLY has big sisters & they excluded him (as a child & adult) & never really welcomed or needed me (I'm 8 years younger than the youngest sister) but i perhaps gave off the vibe i didn't need them so much as i had a big sister & 2 sisters-in-law (my brothers' wives) for ages already. We change all the time, who needs who, i'm the baby, always, yet have always been the strongest?? Perhaps it's because my life is drama free. Now our parents are elderly i see how we all band together, in our different roles, it's amazing, but i love my sister & 4 sisters-in-law no matter how crazy they drive me. Collectively we have 20 children, so we all have a clue what it's like at different ages & stages of mothering too.
    My father is an only child (by default, his sibling died from polio & his parents were too distraught to have more) & his dream was to have a large family, thus the 4 children & to his joy, 14 grandchildren!! He has had an amazing career & life, however, leaving 14 grandchildren behind is his greatest achievement in this world. He just turned 80 & is as strong as an ox so hopefully he'll see some great grandchildren too. My eldest niece is only a couple of years younger than i was when i was first a mother, so who knows??
    Just a beautiful post, hurray for sisters, especially the ones we are moulding, just be kind to the little brother, love Posie

  6. That's a fantastic family you have there.
    Just gorgeous.
    :-) x

  7. It's great to have such a supportive extended family. Families are often what you make of them...big families aren't always close! I'm lucky I have a wonderful family!

  8. I also have five 'adopted' sisters, who I absolutely adore. They are literally the sisters I never had. My brother's chose well. Hubby's sister on the other hand, definitely not close to, it's just not happening.
    Beautiful photos of your sisters Nat... I thought the top one was recent at first and thought how incredibly young you looked... not that you don't look young now of course! xoxo

  9. This is an absolutely beautiful story. How blessed you are! x

  10. That is so lovely, great pics too! I am from a family with five brothers, always wanted a sister, extended family are so important.:)


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