Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Feeling the Pressure

Wednesday is Show Day! A very exciting time in our town. We get a local show day public holiday, and it's a fantastic chance to catch up with friends you don't see very often as we wander around the show checking out all the exhibits, machinery, animals and competitions.

I am starting to feel the pressure though. Ever since my Muddy Organiser was born we've been entering 6 Hen Eggs either brown or white in the Egg category, and every year we've been a prize winner, first prize at that! That's four consecutive years, that's a lot of pressure! We've been avoiding using eggs for the past two weeks, as we gather a bigger pool from which to pick six winners. Then today we will sort them out and pick the ones for the show. It honestly doesn't bother me if we don't win, but it's the comments from everyone else that are putting the pressure on 'got your eggs ready yet Nat?','hope you've got some good ones because we're putting some winners in'.

To try and distract ourselves the girls and I have been looking at what else we can enter. They have grand plans of decorated arrowroot biscuits, a packet chocolate cake, a drawing, pet rocks, decorated fruit and vegetables, a decorated saucer, the list goes on. Somehow I think time will get the better of us, but it is so lovely to see their joy and excitement in getting ready for the show and participating in a real community event.

Last Year's Production Line for Arrowroot Biscuit Decorating
Muddy Organiser Collecting Eggs, back when it all began.

Just so you know, in case you were planning on entering an egg competition anytime soon, the judges like consistency, they don't have to be the biggest but consistent in colour, size and shape.


  1. Sound like so much fun! Good luck with the egg competition...I'll be crossing my fingers for you ;)

  2. Ooo that all sounds like so much fun Nat... despite the pressure of entering the perfect egg. Eggs can be so varied, so I'm not surprised there is a rather specific formula to choosing the winning one.
    Had to laugh at the comments from other competitors, it must be a real hoot when the judging is done. Arrowroot biscuit decorating is SO much fun, haven't done that yet with the boys, but will keep it in mind. Good luck with all your entries tomorrow xoxo

  3. That sounds like such a good time even with the pressure. Good Luck. Cant wait to hear how you go - then we can really say your a good egg he he xx

  4. Ooooh, that sounds like a egg-sellent (haha) challenge! I'm sure you'll do great! Be sure to let us know how you go :)

  5. Oh the pressure, do you get frowned at, that woman who keeps winning kind of jealousy?? How lovely, good luck!! We're loving our hens, they are so kind to each other, but eggs have halted as it's so cold at night, bugger, love Posie

  6. I might give eggs a try next year! Good tip. This year the girls did fairy gardens on a saucer - they both won their sections and were so pleased with themselves. looking forward to hearing how you go!

  7. I love hearing about show competitions, hope your eggs did well!


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