Thursday, January 10, 2013

Puppy Central

A few weeks before Christmas our working Kelpie had puppies. They are squirmy balls of delight that are keeping us entertained for hours each day. They are now drinking from a bowl and eating dog biscuits, as well as occasionally getting a feed from Mum.
We will keep one and will try to find homes for the others. Then begins the process of trying to train one into being a super sheepdog! Muddy Hubby has the book on how to do it, he just has to put it into practice, slowly building the dog's confidence and skill. A properly trained sheepdog will do an excellent job and save lots of yelling and running around the paddock after errant sheep.
I'm not sure how the Muddy Kids will fill in their days once we find homes for the rest of the puppies and they'll be a bit sad to say goodbye.


  1. They are sooooooo cute!! Ridiculously cute! Good luck in shaping a super sheepdog! x

  2. Baby animals make me go gooey. Super cute. Good luck with the training of the super sheep dog.

  3. awww just adorable!!!! Wish you could keep them all! x Michelle

  4. Beautiful pictures. This post made me think of much time spent cuddling and playing with little puppies with my cousins and brothers. Thanks for the memories!

  5. Oh wow these guys are so cute ... the kids to. Have fun with puppy training and enjoy their wiggly happiness.

  6. How beautiful Nat. Love the photos, those last two are my faves :)
    Hope you find good, loving homes for the little cuties xoxo

  7. G'Day,
    Your mate Laura put me onto your blog and I was delighted to read this post on puppies. I have a kelpie/collie cross puppy which I have just posted about and am too hoping it will morph into a super (cattle) dog. Keep up the great work.


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