Friday, January 4, 2013

Grateful for Generosity

Start as you plan to continue......I'm going to give it a go anyway with my first Grateful post for 2013. Things fell off the wagon for me linking in with Gratefuls, somehow, as often happens, life gets in the way. Sometimes something has to give and for me it was regular posts and regular grateful posts.

For a new year that is incredibly hot so far, I am very, very grateful for the kind and generous gifts my beautiful Muddy Kids received for Christmas, they have made the time we have to spend in airconditioning that much easier to bear. With the novelty factor of new gifts and the perfect choice of some gifts they are that much happier to be confined indoors for a few hours each day.

From Barbie and her million accessories, hairstyles and outfit changes to the Fluro Pink Zhu Zhu Pet we have been awash in imaginative play scenarios from weddings, to babies to coffee dates, they've done it all. One of my all time favourites - Mobilo!! This has literally kept the kids entertained for hours, as they build so many different things, and the best bit is the Muddy Girls build things for my Muddy Baby Boy to play with so everyone is happy!

The biggest hit though, thanks to my wonderful sister and brother-in-laws and nieces and nephews are the swags, the Muddy Kids just think they are the bees knees and they make camping in the airconditoned lounge room at night so exciting and that little bit more comfortable.

So this week for the start of the year I am so incredibly grateful for the generosity of family and friends keeping my Muddy Kids entertained, inspired and happy inside.

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  1. They are the cutest swags!!
    Yep - if we have to be stuck indoors avoiding the crazy heat - there's no better time than after the Christmas haul!!
    :-) x

  2. Camping in the lounge room! That's awesome! Great post Nat x

  3. Go Barbie! And I love your idea of camping in the living room, Nat. We are all shoved in the one air conned room at my folks' place... 9 grand kids, 3 sisters and 2 grandrentals. Mad! x


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