Friday, May 31, 2013

Grateful for A Day to Breathe

The last two weeks have kept me on my toes, kept me busy and worn me down, but today I got to breathe. To stop and spend a day at home, a full day at home with just my Muddy Baby Boy. We pottered around the garden, cooked, cleaned the fish tank, read books, explored the house paddock, spent time with the chooks and dogs. It was just lovely.

It gave me an insight into the next few years as my Muddy Pixie and Puzzler start school, where I might get some more 1:1 time with my two youngest Muddy Kids. It let me take the day slow, rather than at the full pace of the last two weeks.

I am so very grateful to my Muddy Hubby for taking my Muddy Pixie and Muddy Puzzler to the shearing shed, keeping them entertained and busy for the day. I am grateful for the special time with my Baby Boy and I am grateful for having a day at home to just be. Delightful.

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  1. My favourite days are the "just be" ones. Beautiful

  2. I love that "just be" feeling. Perhaps that is why I love Monday's so much?
    I love your blog banner. Every time I visit I am mesmerised by it.
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

  3. That sounds like a lovely day, and a glimpse into the not so distant future for you. Enjoy :)

  4. Oh we are in sync Nat! Nothing better than a day at home to just be! Hope you get more of it xx

  5. I don't know if I could spend a whole day at home (given that I have no garden and no farm), but it was still lovely to have the older two at grandma's overnight this weekend and be able to take my baby wherever I wanted to go (as opposed to wherever the kids wanted to go). have a fantastic week!

  6. I love those days, Nat. Sounds like you had the perfect little bit of downtime.
    Lisa xx


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