Sunday, May 19, 2013


A Portrait a Week of Each of My Kids, Every Week in 2013

Sadly I only have 3 to share this week, my Muddy Organiser misses out :(
Muddy Pixie - Always concentrating on what's happening with other people, a real sticky beak
Muddy Puzzler - A collector, feathers, eggs, pens, buttons, handbags, whatever takes her fancy
Muddy Baby Boy - Filthy, yet worried about a small piece of leaf on his finger

Linking up over at Che and Fidel for 52 - A Portrait a Week


  1. Feathers are such a cool treasure to have! Funny little baby boy, get it off Mum!!

  2. Hey... The first one looks like a magic trick where they cut her body in half... hahaha


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