Saturday, September 15, 2012

Wet Weather Morning Tea

Muddy Hubby, for as long as I've known him, has this thing about 'when it rains, you cook up morning tea', his preference is scones, mine is not to cook at all because I'm too busy doing the rest of the household chores. However occasionally I do like to indulge him and I get a hankering for some fun in the kitchen, and when it rained this week I was working, so the next day the Muddy Kids and I cooked up pikelets, an oldie, but a goodie.
The Muddy Kids had a blast watching them bubble up and then be flipped over before being put on the plate to be slathered in honey or jam and quickly devoured! None of them would sit down to eat them, they were quickly stuffing them in their mouths while trying to reach for their next one, to make sure they got their quota. Unfortunately for Muddy Hubby he wasn't home, so I made a nice batch of Rocky Road for him to enjoy in his tucker box this week.
What's your favourite morning tea when it rains? Do your kids love pikelets as much as mine?


  1. I love that - morning tea when it rains! Such a sweet idea! Looks like your little ones love it too! x

  2. i love cooking morning 'team' with my middle guy. he helps me make up a big batch of bikkies each week, and some sort of slice or cake for lunch boxes. i love to put something slow-cooked on when the weather is dismal. :)sarah

  3. Awww cute pics! Little piggies, haha! The boys don't really like pancakes/pikelets etc... I must try them again soon, maybe their tastes have changed... if all else fails, I can eat them ;)
    I must say we don't often cook up morning tea, but my favourite 'on the spot' baking is scones, so quick and easy and delicious xoxo

  4. Yum - pancakes/pikelets are always a hit around here.
    We're all guilty of scoffing until we're stuffed tho - rain or no rain.
    :-) x


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