Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Family Business

I find this time of year hard when it comes to farming. It's kind of like make or break time, no rain and we're looking at a small or non-existent harvest, too much rain and it gets them a little water logged, a cold snap with a frost and the crops might get frosted. It's this time of year that Muddy Hubby's favourite saying is 'Just an inch of rain would be right'. We haven't had that inch, and for some of our paddocks that's not a good thing. The wheat is struggling to stick it's head up above the weeds which are prolific because the wheat was dry-sown. Other paddocks are doing better, sticking their heads up waiting for rain to help them fill.
On the other hand our Chickpeas are loving it, they hate water, especially if it rains too much they don't cope and disease starts to set in. At the moment though the conditions are just right for them, they are podding and they have flowers on them. A little bit of rain wouldn't hurt them to help them fill their pods, and give us some nice chickpeas to sell, but they're still looking good.
The Muddy Kids love crop checking, learning the family business from the start, looking for flowers and pods on the chickpeas and seeing whether or not the wheat has started sticking up it's head getting ready to fill it with grain. Our Muddy Organiser practices her counting skills by starting to count the number of grain sheaths on the wheat head. It was a lovely Sunday morning, warm weather, sunshine and family time.


  1. Great pics! Hope you get that inch of rain, but glad your chickpeas are looking good regardless.

  2. Beautiful photos.

    What gorgeous little boot covers.

    Wishing for some rain for you!

    Holli xo


  3. Hi Nat..glad the chickpeas have loved the weather, I guess that's why its so good to diversify, though I hope you get some more wheat growing weather too. Sweet photos of the kids too,out there in the fields under those big open skies.

  4. That's just so sweet - especially to this city slicker here.
    Gorgeous photos.
    :-) x

  5. Oh more lovely photos, it does look like gorgeous weather, but I do understand there is a fine line when it comes to the crops. I think I'm with the chick peas though, love my sunshine :) Love the sock protectors too by the way xoxo

  6. Loved this post! And your photos are stunning! x


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