Friday, September 7, 2012

Gratefuls from my thinking time


This week has been an absolute whirlwind, I have spent so much time in the car travelling here there and everywhere that today I am so Grateful to be home - ALL DAY!

As I have travelled in the car I have had lots of thinking time and so I have lots of little things to be grateful for this week:

I am grateful for my car, it's comfort it's easy riding on the road, it's multiple cup holders and bluetooth in the radio.

I am grateful for my wonderful family for stepping in for Muddy Hubby and I while we were away.

I am so grateful for having fabulous friends and them stepping in to lend a hand when needed or simply being there to listen.

I have been grateful this week for my resilient Muddy Kids who have coped and been relatively well behaved while I have been missing in action.

Grateful also for the wonderful Preschool Director who listened to my concerns about my Muddy Pixie and didn't hesitate to say 'I'll keep and eye on and it let you know what I think by the end of next week'.

We had my Muddy Organiser's school concert on Wednesday and I have never been so grateful for the choice we made in schools, for the wonderful job the teachers are doing and continue to do and for watching my little girl up on stage speaking into the microphone and dancing, two things I didn't think she would have the confidence to do, it just warmed my heart.

Today though I am most grateful for being at home, for the mundane, the washing, the vacuuming, the ducks, the sunshine and the normality.

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  1. I love the days at home, definitely grateful for those. We've just returned from watching our daughter on stage at school assembly, and I'm so glad to say I'm grateful for our school choice also :)

  2. wonderful list of gratefuls - so much support and growth - and the good old mundane stuff too!

    Deb @ home life simplified

  3. You're right it is such a good feeling to just have a home day after a week of running around! You sound so well supported Nat - that's really beautiful, a blessing! x

  4. I love hearing kind words and appreciation for teachers, thank you!

  5. Same, same, I had an at-home day today and it was lovely. So much catching up needs to be done here and tidying up of lots of domestic and digital jobs. And we too are grateful to our children's marvellous teachers, they help us so much, providing a layer of care that we so need as we have no family here. Much appreciated.

  6. Oh yes, being home is so calming!! I have a new car & i have to say, with 4 children, sports & school activities, a comfortable car with hands free phone through the radio is insanely fantastic!! I have 3 rows of happy safe children too. Funnily enough this week i seem to have had extra children too, almost every day, amazing how many girls miss the bus home, hmmm.
    You're so lucky with support, i only have my husband (on borrowed time as he's with us until December) as it all boils down to me. Pressure!! Love Posie

  7. There's no place like it! It's lovely to be busy and away, but coming home and just BEING for a hike is what it's all about.

    Hope your Pixie is ok. It sounds like she's in good hands. x


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