Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Sunday Afternoon Sheep Work

On a warm Sunday afternoon we headed to the Sheepyards for some Sheep Work together. All the while Muddy Bubby hanging in the Baby Bjorn.

Linking up with My Little Drummer Boys for Wordless Wednesday.


  1. Oh, just gorgeous!! I love that afternoon light. Makes me want to up and move to the country xx

  2. I love that sun flare, it just makes the photo

  3. That is just brilliant.
    How privileged your gorgeous kids are to have this rich childhood.
    (and I'm not talking about money!)
    :-) x

  4. those photos are melting me - they have grown up SO much!
    and I know I'm a tad biased, but they are so beautiful Natty xxx

  5. Oh these are delightful shots Nat, especially that first one, I love it! Daddy hanging with his gals, so sweet xoxo

  6. Lovely photos. What a great place to raise children :)

  7. What great photos !!! And how much fun does everyone seem to be having ??! :)


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