Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I so want to show you photos!!

But I can't!
I'm still computerless(not sure it's really a word!) the computer doctor says it's able to be saved, thank goodness, but will still be away for a little while. Things happen a bit more slowly in the country.

So anyway, I digress, Saturday night Muddy Hubby and I headed out to the 2828 Dinner Under The Stars. This was the tenth year they've held the dinner and I don't think they've had to have it indoors once. Friday night we had 61mm of rain, our road was quite literally a river, the water had nowhere to go except straight down our road. We got all frocked up, loaded up the kids for drop off at Muddy Grandma's for a sleepover and headed out in the water to make sure we made it to the dinner, whether it was inside or not!

You know what, the sun came out, it shone happily until sunset and kept the evening balmy and lovely. They had gone with an Oscars theme this year, which meant everyone was looking amazing, blokes in suits and bow ties, ladies all frocked up, and excitement in the air.

There were some great photo opportunities, but unfortunately they passed me by! One of the highlights for me was definitely Les Schirato, the CEO of Vittoria Coffee. This is an Australian Company, that sells 1.6 million cups of coffee a day!! They are a family run business and he was utterly charming and entertaining and was happy to have a laugh at himself. You can check out a send up on their ads made by one of our MC's on YouTube, you just type in 'Dinner Under The Stars 2012'. Al Pacino made a series of ads for Vittoria Coffee, and they're the only ads he's ever done, being a serious actor and all! The YouTube send up is our country version.

What amazed me though was that Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world after Oil! This is a legal addictive substance and it is traded worldwide on a phenomenal basis.

The 2828 began as a community building and has grown into an amazing story. It helps the local community and provides traineeships for local Aboriginal students. The Cafe itself is run by community volunteers and TAFE students. The staff are all trained as Baristas by Vittoria Coffee, and it has a great range of giftware. You can read more about the story of 2828 here and if you're ever traveling through I absolutely recommend stopping for a coffee and a bite to eat!

The Dinner Under The Stars is their major fundraiser for the year and as well as the dinner and dancing they had a number of auction items and Bon bons with prizes. I didn't come home with anything much to Muddy Hubby's delight, but I had a great night. I only wish I could show you photos!!!

Do you have a hidden gem like the 2828 in your area?
Is there a highlight on your social Calendar?


  1. Bugger about the photos! I would have loved to see you guys all glammed up. Sounds like a terrific night... and just how did you cope without the bubba's!? I bet they had a top time with Grandma. Hope your little computer gets fixed asap xo

  2. Oh I would have loved to have seen photos too.

    The only highlight on our calendar is the autumn horse racing carnival which is starting soon!

  3. Coffee, really? Who knew.

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog today, I am new to your blog, so excuse me now while I go have a little read.

  4. I am glad you had a ball and I wish we could see you frocked up.

    I haven't been here long enough to check out local events except the show.


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