Monday, March 19, 2012

Back Online and On The Move

Hooray, I have a computer back! Not only that but I have my camera back. Now all that's left is house repairs and I'll feel like I'm back in business.

I figured what better way to celebrate being back on line than with some pics of Muddy Bubby on the move. All my other Muddy Kids didn't crawl til about 9 months and they were conventional hands and knee crawlers. Muddy Bubby, so desperate not to miss out on any of the action, has begun commando crawling, and over the last month has mastered the art, he can get into anything and everything and he couldn't be happier! He spies something he wants and gets a look of determination and off he goes.

I'm hoping he gets the art of conventional crawling soon, because he's showing me just how dirty my floors are as he drags himself around!

Were your babies conventional crawlers or commando crawlers?
How old were they when they got on the move?


  1. Oh what memories are flooding back, Nat! Joshie started commando crawling at 6 months and did all the way through. India started commando-style at 6 months and then was a conventional all fours crawler after a while. And Sam was a mixture of both. Commando started at 7 months and conventional was a few months later! J x

  2. Aww - welcome back - and what a super cutie!!
    Maybe just pop a duster/mop contraption under his belly?!!
    :-) x

  3. Umm, so bad with stats and milestones - around 8 months for both mine, and they were on all fours going for it, is commando a boy thing? Look out lock down the hatches@!;)

  4. Oh so cute! My ten month old daughter is still commando crawling everywhere, I know exactly what you mean about showing you the state of the floors!

  5. Ahhhh, look at him, he is growing so fast and such a BEAUTIFUL boy! He reminds me so much of your eldest muddy child and of course he has his own look too. Get ready Nat, boys are crazy once they get going, he is sure to keep you on your toes now xoxo

  6. What a CUTIE! Love his big smile Nat! I remember the day my son took his first steps. He was walking around an ottoman and I was on the phone, next thing he let go and walked on his own. I screamed with excitement! He was exactly 9 months old.

  7. My eldest bear crawled (on hands and feet) and was incredibly fast. Goosey conventional crawled.
    Little D is yet to crawl.

    What a gorgeous little boy!


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