Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tantrums and All

I am feeling strangely reminiscent this week, I have been looking at old photos of the Muddy Girls at the same age my Muddy Baby Boy is now - almost 20 months, which other than the tantrums is one of my favourite ages. They are into everything, exploring, emptying cupboards, climbing everything. I am amazed though at the differences as well between all my kids at this age, from their interests to their skills development they are all so wonderful and individual.
By far though my Muddy Baby boy has proved the most physically challenging, as I run to try and catch him before he falls, or run after him as he takes off out of the house yard and toward the shed, or rescue him from the tree he has just climbed, or wrestle him down to change his nappy, or keep him challenged inside on a rainy day when he's an outside kid.
He is a boy through and through and I am loving every second of it, including the tantrums.


  1. Aw, they grow up so quick! I remember when my little cousin was just so precious and small with tiny fingernails the size of sesame seeds. Now she's a sassy primary schooler with a whole lot of attitude! They're lucky to have you as their mum though. They'll treasure these moments! :)

  2. I can so relate to this. I was saying to someone yesterday that I wondered if my boy would be influence by being in such a girly household surrounded by fairies and princesses. But no, he's a boy who's mostly interested in balls and cars. xx


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