Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Grateful for the Garden

Thursday afternoon I knocked off work early, I got to pick my kids up from Preschool and School for a change (Muddy Puzzler was very excited not to catch the bus) and the sun was still shining by the time we arrived home. After two days in the office I was itching to be outside, so Muddy Baby Boy and I put on our ear muffs and jumped on the lawn mower to mow the lawn. I was in heaven. I love being outside, I love pottering around the garden, doing little bits here and there.

This week I am Grateful for the Garden, for time outside to just potter around.

I am Grateful that I found time to plant my garlic and start to dehead the dead roses, that I can sit and soak up the fresh air, lie on the grass and play with the Muddy Kids. I am Grateful that we have space to do it, to run and run and chase and fall down, to ride bikes and scooters and plant veggies and flowers and grow our own fruit.

Without the Garden I think things would be a little less bright, so this week I am linking up for 52 Weeks of Grateful about my spacious garden that brings me and my family happiness.


  1. Space is very important isn't it? I hope that you got to spend a little more time in your garden over the long weekend. Mine is looking a little neglected at the moment but I am hoping it will hold on until the school holidays :)

  2. So beautiful Nat - i am not a gardener (think growing up in NYC stunted that gene LOL) but reading your description makes me want to be in wide open spaces. love your photos too

  3. I love being out in the garden / nature too. Such a gorgeous grateful Nat! xx

  4. It is definately a blessing to have space for the kids and a garden. Love the pictures, my little boy would love that sheep :)

  5. This really inspires me Nat! I have a decidedly brown thumb, but Bell and John both love our veggie garden.
    Lisa xx

  6. I crave time in my garden, Nat. It's always outside my window, beckoning. I know I am happy out there and it's hard to have to keep working, ignoring the green. x


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