Friday, July 12, 2013

A Return to Gratefuls

I know the value of finding the Grateful in the everyday, to boost your spirit and your mood. For the last few weeks I have struggled to find the time for grateful, and it's been quite evident, I've been tired and snappy and often too busy to stop and find the grateful to focus on. This week though I'm making a conscious effort to make time for gratefuls. I have stopped trying to clean and move the fish tank and do my footy tips and instead am taking time to post my gratefuls.

So this week I am grateful for:
- Being outside in the nice fresh winter air
- Bicycles and scooters and little trikes
- A fabulous OT service right here in town that is going to help me support my Muddy Pixie
- My coffee machine which gives me fuel to keep going
- Special moments in the shearing shed with my wonderful Muddy Family
- A new home for grateful at one of my favourite blogs to stop by and that grateful is keeping going
- An unexpected dinner with friends
- My Mum and Dad and the time they have spent with us and helped keep my household running
- My Muddy Hubby for boosting me when I'm down

Now that 52 Weeks of Grateful is at a new home make sure you go and check it our here. It's always so lovely to read what people are grateful for.


  1. lovely gratefuls and i agree it is important especially those weeks we so dont want to make the time or effort xx

  2. Beautiful gratefuls Nat. Writing down a little gratitude list really can turn things around. I'm glad grateful still has a home too. Elisa x

  3. Great that you found the gratefuls in your busy time Nat. Isn't it amazing how they seem to jump out when you look for them? Had to giggle at the coffee machine, that's me too.
    Lisa xx

  4. I found when I did my weekly grateful post last year, it made me focus on what was good in my life and helped me get through what was a tough year. This year I hadn't planned on taking up the "52 weeks" challenge as it took me away from my girls, but after taking a little bloggy break I realised how therapeutic it was for me, so I've made it a comeback on the blog. I'm popping by via the grateful linky!

  5. It's amazing how much time flies by when you don't stop to take note of the little things! I love my coffe machine too, a little too much actually :)

  6. Fresh air does WONDERS, does it not? We were all snappy and stir crazy yesterday, but a big run around outside restored us all. Thanks for linking up to gratefuls x


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