Friday, March 8, 2013

Grateful for good friends.

At the moment I miss my friends, friends both near and far, things being so flat chat has meant that I haven't had the chance I usually do to make phone calls, have an occasional cuppa with my friends or even run into anybody really. The focus has been on work and home, trying to get that balance right and keep things moving.

The thing is though that for me it's my friends that keep me moving, that keep me running on an even keel. Yes Muddy Hubby is fantastic and he and the Muddy Kids are my world, but sometimes I just need a friend to bring things back into focus.

So this week I am grateful for my friends, because I know when I finally find some time they will be there for me, to listen, to laugh and to just enjoy spending time with. Because that's what good friends do, just be there for you, even when you don't have time to call them!

I am delighted to watch my Muddy Girls start to make more friends and I am hopeful that one day they have built a strong friendship network just like the wonderful one I have.

I get such joy out of them coming home and saying 'I made a new friend today' and hearing all about their new friend and what they did at school or preschool together. We sit down and we talk about the importance of friendships and being nice to everyone and I can't wait til they realise the true value of good friends who will always be there for you.

Yes, this week I'm grateful for good friends, you know the ones, they're always there for you no matter what.

Happy to be linking up with Maxabella for 52 Weeks of Grateful over at Village Voices. Please check it out, you'll be pleased you did.


  1. Friends are so important to unwind with. I managed to meet up with an old friend on the weekend and it was such a great thing just to talk and talk! I hope you get some time soon to catch up soon!

  2. A truly good friend is hard to come by and should be treasured indeed x

  3. Friends are very important and they come in all shapes and sizes dont they? Hope yoy get time soon...

  4. I miss my Natty toooooo xx

  5. Oh those are the forever friends. I caught up with one this week, and spoke with another - just what I needed. Beautiful post Nat x

  6. hoping things calm down soon and you get some good quality friend time xx

  7. Beautiful post! Friends truly make the world go round :)
    Hope you find some time to catch up soon, and things start to calm
    Claire x

  8. Friendships make the world go 'round, the world go 'round... I love that in our little grateful community, I consider us all friends. I love that we get to visit each other most weeks. A little chat and a catch up. x

  9. So true. Friends are to be treasured. A lovely post x

  10. Lovely post Nat. You really can't beat the comfort true friends can provide, sometimes even more than family.
    Lisa xx


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