Monday, December 10, 2012

Moving On

Friday night I put my glad rags on, blinged it up and headed out for a Girl's only farewell for a friend who is moving away. It was a very, very fun night. Everyone bought a plate to share, there was lots of uninterrupted catch up and talking time, with a few drinks and dances thrown in for good measure, even a disco ball hing in a tree to add some extra bling.

As I made my way home though I started to think about the impact on our town when a large family, or any family really, leaves town. This lovely friend is the mother of four gorgeous kids, her husband has already left to start his new job and she is staying on with the kids til the end of the school year.

The council has lost a good worker, the High School will lose a good teacher, my Muddy Organiser and Muddy Pixie will each lose a classmate and that's not to mention the loss of friends and being able to easily catch up, whether it be at school or preschool pick up, or a quick chat down the street.

Yes, other families move into town, just as much as families move on, but the impact felt is still a great loss. I often wonder if the same impact is felt in large cities and towns when a family moves on, or is it felt more in a small town like ours, where there are less people to fill that gap left behind?


  1. It is so hard when people move on - especially if they are close friends.

  2. At our school of 22 kids a family of four is devasting for kids and parents not just the school and community. Glad to hear you could celebrate having a wonderful friend.

  3. Speaking from experience..even in a large city it is keenly felt when a family moves on. There may be many people but we all have such a small circle really, of people who are truly friends and have an influence in our suburban communities too. The loss is felt just as much in the workplace and in the hearts of friends. Yes, other people move in and other people are employed but it takes longer to fill the gap in our hearts.

  4. Love that mirror ball, too funky. So nice you were able to have a girl's night out to enjoy yourselves and celebrate good friends saying goodbye. I can imagine it is extremely hard to bid farewell to friendships like that Nat. But yes, it is a sad fact of life that everyone experiences at some point. I think wherever you live, if it's a good friend, it will always leave a bit of a gap in the circle. Hugs xoxo


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