Monday, June 25, 2012

A Bathroom a Clean Up and Some Dressing Gowns

For the last few months I've had my rental house consuming each spare moment of my thoughts, firstly with the Insurance Company Battle then with trying to make a decision about a repair or a major renovation and then trying to find 'the perfect builder' and watching the whole process of bathroom being demolished and rebuilt. Then finally at the end of last week came the BIG Clean Up! When I say big, I mean big, the dust from the building work had permeated every inch of the house. There was some painting to be done and some gardening touch up work, all before the first open house on Saturday. For Thursday and Friday last week I was missing in action for my family, trying to make the house clean and enticing for potential tenants. Finally it is all done, bathroom finished, house sparkly and clean and open house over. Now the wait for potential tenants and fingers crossed it happens soon as my bank account is looking very sad.

I finally fell into bed exhausted on Friday night, again missing bedtime and that special time each afternoon where the Muddy Kids each tell me about their day (even if they spent the day with me it gets recounted). So I was excited to rug my Muddy Kids up on Saturday morning in their dressing gowns and have some catch up time.

I'm hoping things return to a normal level of busy soon!

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  1. I'll live there! It looks amazing Nat, good job.
    And those gals are so squeezable it's ridiculous, gorgeous and lovely all wrapped up in a fluffy gown xoxo


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