Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Haircut

Yesterday it was raining, it was also a pupil free day for my Muddy Organiser and all 4 of my Muddy Kids were home, by 9am they had gone stir crazy, we channelled their energy to tidy the toy verandah, that got them through to 9:30, then there was a board game, and then they were planning their own masquerade ball, decorations and all. By 3:30 things had really gone pear shaped and my Muddy Puzzler had given herself a new hairstyle by chopping lots of locks off her beautiful hair.

On the bright side though there is lots to be grateful for:
- The self-styled haircut could have looked a lot worse than it does
- The Muddy Organiser and Pixie had a lovely sleepover with 2 friends coming to stay with us
- I have a gorgeous new niece who I cannot wait to meet
- My car is at a smash repairer and I should only have to try and manage without a family car for a couple more weeks as opposed to the couple of months with all the other smash repairers
- My Muddy Puzzler had a wonderful time playing with friends at a birthday party, it is so lovely for her to step out of the shadow of her siblings
- My Muddy Boy is on the mend after being sick and his smiles are getting more and more
- It is a fabulous drying day today, lots of wind and sunshine
- Dress Ups, whether it be full on princess outfits, my shoes or Muddy Hubby's beanie dress ups always bring a smile to my face

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  1. Maybe she'll become a hairdresser? We had a chaos day thrown in the mix this week too. Congrats on your new niece! Such a precious and an exciting time xxxx

  2. some days are just like that aren't they?

    so much to be grateful for though and i hope your car is ready even faster xx

  3. Oh no! Talk about finding the silver lining! Glad your Muddy Boy is on the mend, it's so sad when their little smiles go missing for a while.

  4. Had to giggle, sorry Nat. They always seem to find those scissors! Lovely news about your new niece, and I hope your weeks without a car pass smoothly.
    Lisa xx

  5. Oh dear LOL I'm just waiting for the day that Pebble decides to try the home hair cut idea. We have good quality craft scissors available all the time and she is so good with them, she never cuts anything that she shouldn't. Well... not yet anyway :)

  6. Sounds like a nightmare in the making, but well done you for directing them to (more or less) engaging pursuits! I am sure my Pumpkin will be into the self-hair-styling down the track, but I hope it is still a couple of years away! The masquerade ball sounds like a lot of fun! Blogging at :)


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